8th Annual Transportation Showcase, 2018

The MIT Transportation Club is proud to host the 8th annual MIT Transportation Showcase. Save the Date Wednesday, February 21, 2018 from 6:00-9:00pm at the MIT Museum!


  • 6:00 to 7:00 pm — Keynote Speech by Emily Gates, Director of Operational Strategy at Motivate International, Inc.
  • 7:00 to 9:00 pm — Career Fair & Research Poster Session

The Transportation Showcase is the MIT Transportation Club's flagship event, and is widely attended by the students, alumni, faculty, and professionals that make up the MIT transportation community. The event showcases the transportation research carried out at MIT, strengthening the connections among the MIT transportation community, particularly between industry and academia. The Showcase is also an excellent venue for students and faculty to get advice, feedback and ideas for future research, as well as to connect with possible research collaborators.

No reservation is needed to attend!


“A Free Lunch: Does So-Called Zero Cost Bike Share Actually Work?”

The MIT Transportation Club is excited to welcome our keynote speaker: Emily Gates, Director of Operational Strategy at Motivate International, Inc, a bike share design, deployment, and management company located in Brooklyn, NY. Motivate manages the systems in New York (Citi Bike), Boston (Hubway), Washington, D.C. (Capital Bikeshare), Chicago (Divvy) and others both in the US and internationally. She was previously the General Manager of Hubway, the Boston metropolitan area's 1,800 bicycle bike share operator. With over 185 stations in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline, she oversaw the entire operation and marketing for the system for Motivate. She was previously a systems performance specialist and hardware product manager for the Motivate Technology team helping to improve processes involving the maintenance and deployment of bike stations, docks and software/hardware issue resolution.

Emily graduated in 2015 with a M.S. in Transportation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT, she was a research assistant in the MIT Transit Lab researching real-time transportation mobile applications and how to bring these apps and real-time data to new cities.


We have a great lineup of companies and organizations participating in the 2018 MIT Transportation Showcase. A huge thank you to our sponsors, who help make this event happen!

Other companies and organizations attending in 2018 include:

The official deadline to register your company or organization has passed, but late inquiries will be considered. Email the Showcase Co-Coordinators André Snoeck and Adham Kalila at transportation.showcase@mit.edu with any questions.

Research Posters

Learn about the wide range of cutting-edge, passenger and freight transportation-related research going on around the MIT campus. This year’s research poster lineup includes:

  • “Discriminatory Attitudes in the Ridesharing Context” – S. Middleton & J. Zhao
  • “A Data-Driven Discrete Simulation-Based Optimization Algorithm for Two-Way Car-Sharing Network Design” – T. Zhou, C. Osorio & E. Fields
  • “Evaluating Parking Demand Management Interventions Using a Randomized Controlled Trial” – A. Rosenfield, J. P. Attanucci & J. Zhao
  • “Intercity Truck Driver Route Choice Incorporating Drivers’ Heterogeneity in Toll Road Usage” – T. Toledo, P. Jing, B. Atasoy, J. Ding-Mastera, J. Santos & M. Ben-Akiva
  • “Sampling Efficiently for Stochastic Simulation-based Transportation Optimization” – T. Tay & C. Osorio
  • “Dynamic Offer Generation for Airlines” – A. Bockelie & M.D. Wittman
  • “Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Jobs” – M. Bose
  • “Dynamic Approach to Activity Based Modeling for Simulation” – I. Viegas de Lima, M. Danaf, A. Akkinepally, C. Lima de Azevedo & M. Ben-Akiva
  • “Efficiently Simulating Personal Vehicle Energy Consumption in Mesoscopic Transport Models” – Z.A. Needell & J.E. Trancik
  • “Attitudes Towards Effective Time Use in Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Services in Singapore” – N. Bailey, A. Rosenfield & J. Zhao
  • “Big Data Fusion to Estimate Urban Fuel Consumption: A Case Study of Riyadh” – A. Kalila, Z. Awwad, R. Di Clemente & M. Gonzalez
  • “Calibration and Optimization for Adaptive Toll Pricing” – Y. Zhang, B. Atasoy & M. Ben-Akiva
  • “Blockchains: Making Sea Freights Smarter” – H. Harshvardhan & P. Jain
  • “Potential for Increasing Electric Vehicle Adoption through Charging Infrastructure Expansion” – W. Wei, Z.A. Needell, S. Ramakrishnan & J.E. Trancik

If you are a student and would like to sign-up to present your research, please email the Showcase Co-Coordinators André Snoeck and Adham Kalila at transportation.showcase@mit.edu with your interest!


The 8th annual MIT Transportation Showcase is registered and held in collaboration with the MIT Global Education & Career Development Office. We would also like to thank the MIT Museum and the Office of Graduate Education who give us access to a wonderful venue!

→ Information on previous editions of the Showcase: 2017 2016 2015 2014, 2013, 2012, Inaugural (Feb 2012)