9th Annual Transportation Showcase, 2019

The MIT Transportation Club is proud to host the 9th annual MIT Transportation Showcase. Save the Date Wednesday, February 20, 2019 from 6pm to 9pm at the MIT Museum!


  • 6pm to 7pm — Keynote Speech by Andrew Kuziemko, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at New York City Transit
  • 7pm to 9pm — Career Fair & Research Poster Session

The Transportation Showcase is the MIT Transportation Club's flagship event, and is widely attended by the students, alumni, faculty, and professionals that make up the MIT transportation community. The event showcases the transportation research carried out at MIT, strengthening the connections among the MIT transportation community, particularly between industry and academia. The Showcase is also an excellent venue for students and faculty to get advice, feedback and ideas for future research, as well as to connect with possible research collaborators.

No reservation is needed to attend!


The MIT Transportation Club is excited to welcome our keynote speaker: Andy Kuziemko, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at MTA New York City Transit. He has been with the MTA since 2014, before which he was a consultant with McKinsey & Co. His team at the MTA works on short- and long-term problems to help the agency find efficiencies and deliver better service across the sprawling and complex bus and subway network in New York City.

He has a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics from Columbia University as well as physics and electrical engineering degrees from MIT (Class of ’02). His interests are in urban transportation specifically and, more generally, in learning what makes great cities work.

“Planning Construction on the Right-of-Way in a 24x7 System”

The New York City Subway is one of the truly great metro systems in the world, but it has been in a crisis lately as years of backlogged maintenance, a long recovery from Superstorm Sandy and the need to replace old technology have finally caught up with service. A basic requirement for fixing the system is getting the actual time and space to get on the right-of-way and do construction. This sounds simple, but it is an enormously complex problem in one of the busiest metros in the world, and the only major system to run all of its lines around the clock. How does an agency balance the need to upgrade the system with its primary purpose of moving people through the city?

New York’s subway certainly presents some serious challenges in this regard, but also some unique advantages, such as routes with both express and local tracks as well as numerous lines that merge and diverge. This talk will describe the complex planning to open up a section of track for work, to coordinate the delivery of work equipment and safety personnel and — critically — to re-route passenger train service so that customers can still get from A to B. If the planners at NYC Transit can do this successfully, we will be able to massively overhaul the subway’s infrastructure while 6 million daily riders continue to stream through the city. It is a difficult problem, but one that we must succeed in.


We have a great lineup of companies and organizations participating in the 2019 MIT Transportation Showcase. A huge thank you to our sponsors, who help make this event happen!

Other companies and organizations attending in 2019 include:

Email the Showcase Co-Coordinators Timothy Tay and Sharlene Chiu at transportation.showcase@mit.edu with any questions.

Research Posters

Learn about the wide range of cutting-edge, passenger and freight transportation-related research going on around the MIT campus!

If you are a student and would like to sign-up to present your research, please email the Showcase Co-Coordinators Timothy Tay and Sharlene Chiu at transportation.showcase@mit.edu with your interest!


The 9th annual MIT Transportation Showcase is registered and held in collaboration with the MIT Global Education & Career Development Office. We would also like to thank the MIT Museum and the Office of Graduate Education who give us access to a wonderful venue!

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