Patrick Quayle — Managing Director, Network & Fleet Strategy, American Airlines
Friday, March 13, 2015 — 12:00–1:00 pm

Through the merger with US Airways, American has become the largest airline in the world. Since merger close in late 2013, great progress has been made to integrate operations and return American to profitability. But there is also plenty of work left to do. In his talk, Patrick will give an overview of key accomplishments and challenges in integrating the two networks and fleets. On the network side will touch on the ongoing efforts to align the bank structures of American’s hubs as well as US Airways’ transition from Star Alliance to Oneworld.

American’s fleet is also undergoing a major renewal with two new aircraft joining the fleet every week. This not only provides American’s customers with a consistent state-of-the-art experience, but guarantees greater deployment and scheduling flexibility with better reliability and performance. The presentation will highlight some of American’s major reconfiguration projects as well as the impact of new fleet types like the 787 or A350 on American’s network.

About the speakers

Patrick Quayle is the Managing Director of Network Strategy and Fleet Analytics for American Airlines, a position he assumed in January 2015. In this role, Patrick is responsible for driving network and fleet strategies to implementation. Prior to his promotion, he was the Director of Network Analytics. Recent projects include a strategic review of hubs and portfolio of flying, optimizing density on the Boeing 777-200ER, 737-800, and building configurations for 787 and A350 aircraft.

Patrick was previously Senior Manager, Corporate Planning for American Airlines. In that role, he worked on the American Airlines Restructuring; building the five-year Network plan for bankruptcy process/American Business Plan, and negotiating the labor contract with the pilots’ union. In addition to the restructuring process, he led a team responsible for Network Performance and Commercial Planning strategies. In this role, he was responsible for collaborating with the Commercial organization to identify and implement strategies to optimize financial performance. Prior to his role in Corporate Planning, Patrick was in charge of capacity decisions and route planning for the Atlantic Joint Business with British Airways and Iberia.

Patrick was previously a Senior Analyst in Corporate Planning, Finance, and Sales Planning within American, and spent three years at Continental Airlines in Network Planning.

Patrick earned a bachelor’s degree from Rice University and has a MBA from the University of Bath, UK.