Executive Board

President: Joanna Moody

Joanna Moody <jcmoody at mit dot edu> is a fourth year Ph.D. candidate in the Interdisciplinary Program in Transportation. As a member of the JTL Urban Mobility Lab, Joanna explores how to better measure people’s explicit and implicit (or subconscious) preferences and attitudes towards certain travel modes and how they influence travel behavior and impact transportation planning and operations. As a member of the Regional Transportation and High Speed Rail Group during while receiving her Masters degree (2016), Joanna worked in collaboration with the East Japan Railway Company to understand international high-speed rail developments as complex socio-technical systems, with a particular interest in how technology and infrastructure interface with the diverse objectives of governing and managing institutions. As part of the MIT Transportation Community, Joanna has served as the Transportation Club Co-President (AY 2016-2017), Transportation Showcase Co-Coordinator (2015, 2016, 2017), Coordinator of the TDC-MIT Transportation & Infrastructure Summit in NYC (2015, 2016, 2017), and as the coordinator for the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics lecture series (2015 and 2016).

Treasurer: Laura Krull

Laura Krull <lkrull at mit dot edu> is a second year Masters in City Planning student, where she focuses on using transportation to create livable communities, with a specific interest in the intersect of data analytics, transportation and equity. She holds a BA in Economics from Cornell University and is originally from Portland, Oregon. Her work experience includes land use planning in the Portland metropolitan area as well as dabbling in graphics and event planning in San Francisco and Copenhagen, Denmark. When not thinking about transportation networks, she enjoys cycling, rock climbing and a good imperial stout.

Vice President, Transportation Showcase: André Snoeck

André Snoeck <asnoeck at mit dot edu> is a research assistant and Ph.D. candidate in the Megacity Logistics Lab at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. His research focuses on the last mile of urban freight transportation and he conducts various products in cooperation with companies such as Coca-Cola, FEMSA, and AB InBev. Before coming to MIT, he received both his Bachelor's and Master's in Industrial Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands with a specialization in Operations Management and Logistics. In between, he co-founded Solar Team Eindhoven to develop Stella, the world's first solar-powered family car to show the world what the future of transportation looks like. The team won the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, followed by the award for Best Technology Achievement at the annual Silicon Valley Crunchie awards in 2015, beating Apple Pay and SpaceX.

Vice President, Transportation Showcase: Adham Kalila

Adham Kalila <kalila at mit dot edu> is a second year master of science in transportation student. His love for transit grew after a failed attempt at studying geotechnical and structural engineering at McGill. His passion for cities meets his love for transit in Transport for Cairo, a project he cofounded to map and research informal transportation in Cairo, Egypt where he grew up. He loves to cook, read, travel, and silently (or outwardly) judge people for incorrect grammar. You’ll love him.

Social Chair: Ajinkya Ghorpade

Ajinkya Ghorpade <ajinkya at mit dot edu> is a student in the Master of Science in Transportation program at MIT. His research interests include using data driven learning approaches to build mobility solutions to observe and understand the human mobility patterns. Before starting at MIT, he worked with Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) in Singapore. He enjoys programming and teaming up with awesome developers to compete in hackathons.

Website & Media: Sharlene Chiu

Sharlene Chiu <sharc at mit dot edu> is a third-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She first became dazzled by transportation when she worked as a research assistant for the Senseable City Lab. Her initial project aimed to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions by developing a system that detects vehicles and adjusts traffic signals in real time. Currently, she's participating in the SuperUROP program, a year-long research commitment for undergraduates. Sharlene is working with the Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab on a project called Mobility of the Future, for which she will leverage her EECS background to analyze simulations and gain insight into the courses of action that cities should take to achieve positive change in traffic, emissions, and so forth.

Previous Executive Boards


  • Joanna Moody — Co-President
  • Sonja Boet-Whitaker — Co-President
  • Scott Middleton — Treasurer
  • André Snoeck — VP, Transportation Showcase
  • Felix Naser — Activities Coordinator
  • Nate Bailey — Website & Media


  • Caroline Jaffe, SM'17 — Co-President
  • Alex Salz, MST'16 — Co-President
  • Patton Doyle, MST'16 — Treasurer
  • Joanna Moody, MST'16 — VP, Transportation Showcase
  • Javier Morales Sarriera, MST'16 — Activities Coordinator
  • Nate Bailey, MST'16 — Website & Media


  • Sam Levy, MST'15 — Co-President
  • David Perlman, TPP'15 — Co-President
  • Nathanael Cox, MST'15 — Treasurer
  • Andrew Lai, MCP'16 — VP, Transportation Showcase & Hackathon
  • Yalu Wu, LGO'15 — VP, Transportation Showcase & Hackathon
  • Tracy Zhang, MST'15 — VP, Seminar Series
  • Abdelkrim Doufene, ESD PhD Candidate — VP, Seminar Series
  • Paul Natsuo Kishimoto, ESD PhD Candidate — Website & Media


  • Hèctor Fornes, TPP & AeroAstro'15 — Co-President
  • Ryan Westrom, MST'14 — Co-President
  • Iori Mori, TPP'14 — Treasurer
  • Alexandre Jacquillat, ESD PhD candidate — VP Social
  • Franco Chingcuanco, TPP & MST'14 — VP Transportation Showcase & Hack-a-thon
  • Maite Peña-Alcaraz, ESD PhD candidate — VP Transportation Showcase & Hack-a-thon
  • Steven Zoepf, ESD PhD candidate — VP Seminar Series
  • Tracy Zhang, MST'15 — VP Seminar Series
  • David Perlman, TPP'15 — VP Transportation Camp (New England)


2012–2013 Executive Board

  • Maite Peña Alcaraz, ESD PhD candidate — Co-President
  • Laura B. Viña-Arias, MST & MCP'13 — Co-President
  • Cathy Wu — Treasurer
  • Andrés Felipe Archila, MST'13 — VP of Operations
  • Paul Kishimoto, TPP'12 — VP of Operations
  • Alexandre Jacquillat, TPP'12 & ESD PhD candidate — VP Transportation Showcase and Hack-a-thon
  • Sunny Vanderboll, MST'13 — VP Transportation Showcase and Hack-a-thon
  • S. Joel Carlson, MST & ESD'14 — VP Seminar Series
  • Stephen Zoepf, ESD PhD candidate — VP Seminar Series
  • Gilad Rosenzweig, MCP'13 — VP Transportation Tours
  • Christine Sowa, B.Sc.'14 — Undergraduate Liaison


  • Vig Krishnamurthy, MCP '12 — Co-President
  • R.J. Martinez — Co-President
  • Paul Natsuo Kishimoto — Treasurer
  • Laura B. Viña-Arias — Transportation Showcase Coordinator
  • Maite Peña-Alcaraz — Seminars Co-Director
  • Stephen Zoepf — Seminars Co-Director
  • Dominic McConnachie — Tours Director


  • Regina Clewlow, ESD PhD '13 — President
  • Kari Hernandez, MST'11 — Vice-President
  • Alex Zheng — Vice-President
  • Candace Brakewood — Treasurer
  • Stephen Zoepf — Director of Guest Seminars
  • Jim Morrison — Director of Career Development
  • Vig Krisnamurthy — Director of Tours
  • Chris Grillo — Director of Alumni Relations
  • Andrew Lee — Social Chair