Research and Education

Transportation Seminar Series

2015–2016 seminars

Co-hosted by the T-Club and Transportation@MIT, our seminar series features MIT faculty and external guests on innovative topics in the transportation field. Previous speakers have included: Adam Goldstein (Co-Founder of Hipmunk), Joseph Coughlin (MIT Age Lab), Fred Salvucci (former Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation), and Robin Chase (founder of Zipcar).

Seminar 3 Seminar 4

We also encourage T-Club members to attend the Center for Transportation & Logistics' Distinguished Speaker Series.


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Tours provide Transportation Club members an opportunity to visit transportation-related facilities.


Research Collaboration

One of the primary aims of the Transportation Club is to facilitate research collaboration among students from a variety of backgrounds. Research collaboration is facilitated through the MIT Transportation Showcase, Hack-a-Thon, and the Seminar Series.

Community Development

Transportation Showcase

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During previous editions, we have successfully brought together the transportation community for this innovative combined networking and research event. The purpose of the event is to showcase transportation related research at MIT and forge connections between students, faculty and industry. The event takes place in a relaxed environment facilitating conversations between students, alumni, faculty, and employers.


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Alumni Relations

The MIT Transportation Club organizes networking events in the Boston area and beyond to connect current MIT students, faculty, and alumni with transportation-related interests.


A series of social events are organized throughout the year to facilitate networking among faculty, students, and alumni with transportation interests.